22 Feb 2023
Job Vacancy: Graphic Designer and Multimedia Content Producer

About Global Office ConsultingGlobal Office Consulting (GOC) is a purpose driven advocacy and communicationsconsultancy working across gender, health and social justice spaces. We help clients designand deliver informed, effective strategies, campaigns and communications, shaped by thepriorities and insights of key groups, to move the needle on social justice issues. As communicators we help clients tell...

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12 Nov 2021
Potrait photo of Paula Awino
Employee Spotlight: Meet Paula Owino

"We also need to recognise that health inequities are created by, enacted in, and maintained by society’s systems and structures." - Paula Owino

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27 Oct 2021
Image of reproductive rights protesters
How we talk about abortion matters

Abortion rights continue to be challenged or kept in place by conservative agendas who mask their gender discrimination under the veil of ‘pro-life’ values.

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08 Oct 2021
Mpho Mpofu
Employee Spotlight: Meet Mpho Mpofu

"We march, we petition, we chant and year in year out women continue to be the victims of gender-based violence" - Mpho Mpofu

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13 Aug 2021
Roxanna Headshot
Employee Spotlight: Meet Roxanna Azimy

Women have historically been oppressed by men - this doesn't mean they have to emulate the outdated masculine ideal in order to gain credibility.

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09 Jul 2021
Image of Masarat Daud
Employee Spotlight: Meet Masarat Daud

Abandon the coloniser mindset and work within the community; when you truly care for the people you are solving for, it is a great starting point. 

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14 Jun 2021
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Employee Spotlight: Meet Polina Lorelli

I think the more we target the root of problems, focusing on the more long-term, sustainable change, the more likely we are to solve some of these problems.

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14 May 2021
Employee Spotlight: Meet Wallis Grant

I’ve always been passionate about securing rights for people across the globe and this is what led me into development work, with a focus on global health and SRHR issues.

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09 Apr 2021
Glen Headshot
Employee Spotlight: Meet Glen Dhliwayo

I am passionate about digital media and policy. Recent international events have shown the power of digital media in influencing policy and politics.

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17 Mar 2021
Employee Spotlight: Meet Aarti Agarwal

The lack of women in the centre of policy-making bodies contributes to the prevention of female progression and ineffective gender equity laws.

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