We are a women-led, purpose driven agency using advocacy, communications and strategic partnerships to advance gender equality, global health and social justice.

We work with:

  • Women’s rights organisations, CSOs and movements to build awareness and momentum around their critical work
  • Funders and Philanthropists to advance more and better funding for gender equality and social justice
  • Institutions and Governments to change policy and build equitable systems
  • Brands and Businesses to deepen their understanding of key issues and ensure [brand] purpose and impact

As a feminist organisation we recognise the role we play in changing the status quo. It informs the way we work and how we advise our clients – ensuring we deliver intentional, impactful communications that drive change.

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Our Services


Strategic Advocacy and Communications

We don’t just count likes, we ask bigger questions: have the right people seen this? what policy was changed? how much was raised?

We use communications to drive change. We develop strategies, create campaigns and curate events that are designed to inform policy, engage the public, influence decision makers and move money. This is how change happens.

Capacity Support

We support different types of organisations at all stages of their journey; from early-stage movements, to established institutions.

We recognise that client’s needs vary and many are managing big workloads with limited resources. We are committed to meeting them where they are and building bespoke teams for each client, adaptable to their needs and budgets.

We have extensive experience managing a full range of communications functions from campaigns and events, to digital strategy, social media management, writing and PR. Whatever the goal, we plan and implement advocacy and communications initiatives that are visionary and practical.

Partnership Building

We come from civil society. We know the impact of collective action.

By working with GOC, clients become part of an ecosystem that prioritises partnership and collaboration between organisations working towards common goals. We intentionally position and engage our clients in dialogues and initiatives that align with their vision and work. We know that collaborating, sharing resources and driving partnerships is the only way we can and will advance social justice.

Women in Dev is our platform to unite organisations and individuals working across the sector to transform funding practices, instil feminist leadership models and advance women’s leadership.