Global Office Consulting is a purpose-driven, full-service agency that works with a range of progressive and forward-thinking organisations and initiatives to drive progress, accelerate change, and inspire new ways of thinking around gender, global health, and equality. 

Our work with a range of thought leaders and organisations – from international NGOs, multilateral organisations, and global movements, to country-level nonprofits and public figures, is borne from our long-standing connection to grassroots organisations and our continued immersion in ongoing philanthropy and advocacy work across the globe. 

Our international team of creatives, advocacy specialists, PR experts, researchers, and analysts are ready and waiting to help make your initiative go global and change lives for the better in line with your vision. Since our agency is not only committed to – but actually rooted in – the human rights and development space, we can not only provide the crucial skills to shape and communicate your initiatives to the masses, but also contribute to the passion fuelling it.

With a focus on capacity building, forming and nurturing strategic partnerships, and establishing and producing advocacy and communications programmes and campaigns, underpinning all our work is a commitment to centering the voices and efforts of women, movements and organisations working at global, national, and community levels across the world – ensuring diversity and inclusion in global dialogues and decision-making. 

Our values and focus areas are the driving forces behind everything that we do – and this genuine thirst for positive change shines through the work that we deliver.