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About Global

Our Mission is to define and support global movements and organisations working to achieve gender equality and progress global health.

Founded, led, and run by women, GOC works with gender-focused, feminist organisations to deliver their vision for a more just and equitable world.  With extensive knowledge and experience in the gender justice, human rights, and global health fields, we focus on communications, advocacy, movement building, campaigning, and strategic partnership development to support organisations and movements in delivering their vision.

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What we do

Movement building

We work with movements as they form, develop, and identify their shared goals, build their networks, engage donors and advocate around their collective vision and mission.

Strategic advocacy and communications

Whether it’s media relations, digital campaigning, or strategic partnership building, we’ll plan and implement advocacy and communications initiatives that are visionary and practical.


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We provide solutions to grow your business

Engagement and brand storytelling are at the heart of our approach. We begin each project by considering the customer journey and experience, taking a holistic view of all physical and digital touch points.